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  • God becomes man, The man by his super knowledge realises himself (as God) Enlightened ones.

  • For the sake of reputation, do not enslave reason, For the fear of pain, do not give up truth.

  • A critical enquiry of half a minute is far superior to the worship of a thousand years.

  • Experience precedes Vedas (theoretical knowledge).

  • She who becot us is not our mother. She who sucked us with milk is not our mother. Those who maintained us are not our mothers. Only those who taught us knowledge are our real mothers.

  • Being a detached Soul in a detached state is Liberation.

  • When we suffer a disease in our toungue, we will not be able to perceive the correct taste. Similarly, when we see even a small difference between others and self, we can't become great knowledged person.

  • Service to the Guru and Duty to the society will not be depts. The duty of an ascetic life is to clear the sufferings of people even if it takes suffering of the self and needs travel to distant land.

  • All that is treasured up in the scriptures, vedas and bibles of all religions is compressed and expressed in a single word, crossed over the crest and merged in silence. The pleasure of that silence is awareness.

  • Sufferings are the ancestors of wisdom. Tolerance is the progency of wisdom. Pondering research and experiences are the allies of wisdom.

  • Just as midnights and middays are momentary, cirsis in the world and miseries of men are but temporary.

  • Those who are patient in poverty will gain strengh and power.

  • The dirt in the residence, the dirt in the dress, the dirt on the body, the dirt in the mind, Wise men are they who have not these dirts.

  • Before awareness combined with repentance realisation and faith, worries and sickness vanish enon.

  • He who considers all difficulties experienced, as happiness, will shine forth as one capable of crossing over innumerable difficulties in the future world.

  • Devotees, Yogis and Sidhas are those who have not come out of delusion.

  • Wise Men, Atheists and Liberated souls are those who have come out of delusion.

  • Those who are refined in Thought, Word and Deed are Gods on Earth.

  • Soul is like a fruit. Love is like its smell, Grace is like its beauty. Knowledge is like its sweetness.

  • It is the memory which goads the body, it the knowledge which is awarded in the body, thought alone is existing as body, "I" alone is thought.

  • There is no saintly life without family life, There is no family life without saintly life.

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